What is the Best Katana for an Apocalypse?

The Best Katana for an Apocalypse and Where to Buy One

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Best Katana for an Apocalypse

We hope the day never comes but at some point we know it is inevitable that either an economic collapse, a pandemic (as we’re seeing with the Coronavirus), or zombie apocalypse (ok this one isn’t likely) will send the world into social disarray potentially resulting in barbaric actions.

If that does happen it may stay civil at first but eventually there will be a breaking point where most likely everyone will do everything necessary to provide for their family, including looting and taking from others. When that does happen aside from food rations, shelter, and medical supplies, you need a means to protect yourself.

My first recommendation would be a gun, despite anyone’s views on guns it is undeniable that this is the most effective means of protection since it allows you to have distance between you and your attacker as well as levels the playing field if there are numerous attackers. However eventually guns run out of ammo and unless you know how to reload rounds, become useless. That’s where a katana becomes a great survival weapon for protection and this article will help you find the best katana for an apocalypse.

What to Look for in a Survival Katana

You could pick up a cheap katana almost anywhere however if it did ever become a life and death situation I certainly would not want to put my trust in some $100 katana sword that may break easily.

You want to look for something that can hold a sharp edge as well as isn’t brittle. Our suggestion would be a clay tempered tamahagane blade. Why? These blades tend to have a good mixture of durability and are able to hold an edge.

Tamahagane Katana (RECOMMENDED)

Our opinion is that the best katana in an apocalypse would be a tamahagane blade. The term “Tamahagane” means precious steel, is created from an iron sand composition, has a high carbon content, and is the traditional method used in forging katanas in Japanese culture many years ago.

The process of making tamahagane blades is very controlled; starting with utmost quality iron sand & carbon, all the way through strict forging techniques and standards. This results in a blade of unmatched durability.

Best Katana for an Apocalypse - Tamahagane Katanas

As mentioned above, the process for creating these types of katana swords is very time consuming and involves creating the tamahagane in a large clay mold called a tatara.

The sword-smith will repeatedly heat and hammer the sword to remove any impurities that may exist within the material. When he or she is finished they will have an exceptionally durable sword with a beautiful blade pattern giving off a nice sheen.

Due to the extensive time involved in making these swords the only downside is cost ($5,000+), however SON offers quality blades for $3,700 (button below or click here). Additionally the tamahagane blades from SON are all full tang blades giving an enhanced sturdiness with a perfect point of balance at 5″ from the tsuba.

You may think why do I need such a strong blade for self defense? Here’s a couple reasons:

  • It’s unlikely that every person who owns a katana is an expert with it and therefore will not have perfect form or aim which could result in accidentally hitting harder targets (walls, metal, etc.). If this does happen you want a blade that won’t split in two leaving you defenseless.
  • Likely/Hopefully you won’t be using it against other people, but it’s more likely that you may be using it to cut smaller diameter trees for firewood or shelter (unless you have a hand saw).
  • During a survival situation you (and your gear) are exposed to the elements, including rain, having a higher quality blade helps (but doesn’t eliminate) reduce the rate of rust.
  • Finally, you’re likely on the move a lot, carrying a decent amount of gear, and probably at a fast pace, which means let’s face it, you’re likely to fall a time or few. If this does happen you don’t want a blade that lacks flex and a simple tumble down a hill results in a broken katana.

Ultimately, if you are looking to find the best katana for an apocalypse to use for cutting virtually anything in its path then the tamahagane blades by SON would be most preferable.

Best Katana for an Apocalypse - Tamahagane

Create a Custom Katana for the Apocalypse

Additionally if neither of the two types of katana blades mentioned above are of your interest you can create a custom katana sword where you determine the price all through adjusting the metal composition, the fittings, the tsuka, and every other component of it.

Below is a screenshot I took as I went through the process of buying my first truly made custom katana which you can see there are a wide array of blade materials.

Custom Katana

To see the entire process of how to build a custom katana check out my blog post “The best affordable custom katana available” however in short – SON guides you through a 14 step process where you customize every element, even engraving, and have it sent straight to your house (for US residents, not sure the laws outside of the US).

Best katana for an apocalypse - Custom

Samurai Armor?

You have the best katana for an apocalypse but are you protecting your body from those who may attack you? Of course samurai armor can’t compare to Kevlar vests or military grade flak vest however when it comes to bladed weaponry samurai armor adds a degree of protection.

Check out our post on the “best samurai armor” and where to buy it or click here to head straight on over to see pricing for samurai armor.

Samurai Armor for Sale - Buy Samurai Armor


Disclaimer – this article is by no means suggesting anyone buy a katana with the intention of using it on others, we absolutely oppose using it to harm others. This article is simply to outline in the hypothetical situation of an apocalypse, which katana sword would be best for protection. As always, the responsibility is fully on the individual using their katana.