Best Samurai Gifts For a Martial Arts Enthusiast

The Best Samurai Gifts for Martial Artists

It is well known that samurai have many forms of weaponry in their arsenal used for numerous offenses and defenses of an attacker. The most common weapon of which is the well known katana sword. This sword however is only one of many weapons and equipment a samurai would have at their disposal.

In modern times I wouldn’t expect people to be walking around with all of these weapons since there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in jail for brandishing a weapon. That however doesn’t mean you couldn’t have your own stash of samurai weapons at your home for practice.

For those with a strong interest in martial arts that may be curious on what they would need to have what I call the “samurai arsenal pack” or if you’re looking to ideas for someone else these are be top 8 best samurai gifts.

Best samurai gifts

    1.  A Custom Katana – Every swordsman (or women) should have a weapon that is custom to their liking so that it is one of a kind. Martial artists should express themselves and their inner soul through a katana that matches their personality. Making a custom katana with the katana builder program is the optimal gift for a martial artist. (Make one here)
    2. Sword Cleaning Kit – When you invest a lot of money into quality swords you should take proper care of them and be sure to thoroughly clean them. A sword cleaning kit is essential to accompany any sword purchase. (Buy one here)
    3. Hanwei Tori Elite Tanto – As the Tori Elite katana is a beautiful masterpiece so is the tanto. The backup weapon to any katana should be held to the same quality as the primary weapon. (Buy one here)
    4. Tameshigiri Mat Stand – For proper cutting maneuvers a mat stand will definitely help you prop up your target properly for the most effectiveness. (Buy one here)
    5. Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai Katana – One of the top notch hand forged blades with beautiful accents, this sword would make anyone glimmer with satisfaction. (Buy one here)
    6. Tameshigiri Mat – Don’t be a fool and cut random things laying around the house. If you are serious about the art make sure you practice with the proper targets for cutting. (Buy one here)
    7. Unokubi Zukuri Samurai Sword Katana Wakizashi & Tanto – For those looking for the full set; katana, wakizashi, and tanto, this set not only looks stunning but also is effective for target cutting. (Buy one here)
    8. Throwing Star – A ninja’s arsenal isn’t complete without the legendary throwing star. The will take a bit of practice to get used to but are a ton of fun. (Buy one here)

There you have it, my take on this year’s best samurai gifts. If you have a martial artist enthusiast you’re buying a gift for either or all of this would be the complete samurai package!