What Type of Martial Arts Do You Practice?

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    What Type of Martial Arts Do You Practice?

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    Mark Gensey

    Judo, Jiu-Jitsu !

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    J. Holbrook

    I have boxed, free style wrestling, ninjitsu and
    Tao Chi Kungfu.
    I enjoyed all of it, bug as I approach 50 years old and
    having had a thoracic laminectomy on my T10 I have to
    be a lot more careful than I was in my wilder youthful
    I have been trying to learn the Katana online, but is
    Difficult. I love in Tennessee. Anyone have any idea if
    there are any Iado instructors here or in neighboring
    I am also looking into Aikido . I always went with
    the hard styles, but would prefer to enter the soft
    styles as I get older.
    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every page on
    this site. Loved it all.

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    Hey J, thanks for the kind words on the site, much appreciated. I try balancing having enough info to be helpful yet stay away from having so much that it’s overwhelming. My page here http://katanaswordreviews.com/find-a-dojo/ will help you find a dojo. For some reason it wasn’t showing up so I just fixed it. Enter your zip on that page to see what’s around you. hopefully you can find something close!

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