Where to properly sharpen a brand new Hanwei Tori Elite

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    This week, I was overjoyed to receive a brand new Tori Elite from Hanwei. I live in Monrovia, a suburb of Los Angeles located in Southern CA.

    Does any truthfully serious martial artist know where I could have the edge sharpened/polished to its true potential? The factory edge is sharp, but I get the impression the level of sharpness was dictated by liability concerns and the obvious lack of assurance as to who might purchase such a fine piece.

    I do not wish to risk harming my katana by attempting to sharpen the edge myself. I am a reasonably responsible 59 year old wishing to honor this deserving katana by ensuring it is touched only by a true craftsperson .

    I seek a beautifully polished razor edge that should never be touched by living flesh and will treat the result with the greatest of care.

    I am grateful for any authentic guidance.

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    Nate Owen

    Hey Jonathan, you should look into Ross Cutlery in Los Angeles. I don’t live in Cali so I don’t I have any personal experience with them but their website indicates that they offer sharpening services.

    Let them know Katanaswordreviews.com sent you if you do happen to go. We’re always up for getting some more buzz going around our site 🙂

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    Thank you for the suggestion of Ross Cutlery! Their store is located less than 20 miles from my home. I will contact them, certainly mention Katanaswordreviews.com and report back if I engage their services!

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