Michonne’s Katana from The Walking Dead

Battle the Walkers With Michonne’s Katana from TWD

My passion for katanas also extends into everyone’s favorite show, The Walking Dead!

My previous reviews were more focused on the actual utility of your average katana. I rarely ever find ‘novelty’ type katanas to be of any quality therefore don’t blog about them.

michonnes katana

Michonne’s katana from The Walking Dead is an exception to this.

The craftsmanship of this sword is great. The colors used in the wrap of the tsuka are stunning and as you know, I favor the leather wrap over the nylon. Not only is Michonne’s katana awesome to have as a memorabilia piece from my favorite show but the katana itself is built for functionality. The blade is sturdy and the wooden saya is quite durable and provides a carry strap.

The tsuba is made of bronze with a nice nickel plated covering that gives it a sturdy feeling. I think the design on it is pretty cool as well, almost a ‘biohazard’ type look to it, perfect for the zombie apocalypse theme.

michonnes katana tsuba


The only downside to this is that it does NOT come sharpened, so if you are intending to use it in practice for cutting bamboo or foam rolls you must get it sharpened.

I did end up getting mine sharpened because I was interested in seeing how well it cut, it actually is pretty smooth for a novelty blade. I’ve only used it on foam rolls so right now I can’t give you a feel for how it works with bamboo.

Overall I love it, here’s my break down on Michonne’s katana:



  • Length: 27″
  • Tsuka: 11.5″
  • Material: Tempered 1045 carbon steel blade
  • Take away: not only is the white & brown leather contrast beautiful but the replica is an amazing addition to any walking dead fan’s collection


If You’re Interested in Michonne’s Katana Get it Before They’re Gone – Only 2,000 Limited Editions Were Made

I luckily already purchased mine but I have heard that this katana was a special release and only 2,000 were forged worldwide.

I’ve seen it sell for $200-$300 and I have a feeling that once these 2,000 sellout that some will hold on to them while they increase in value and flip them for a few extra hundred. Just how memorabilia like this usually goes.

If this is something you are interested in I’d suggest hopping on this deal quickly before they sell out.

SOTE does have this sword on sale right now for only $170. The Walking Dead edition is just one of many feature film katanas made, which leads me to my next post on the top 5 movie katanas.

Get Michonne’s katana here before they’re sold out!