Top 5 Ultimate Movie Katanas

Top 5 Katanas - 47 RoninHere are our top 5 picks for best movie katanas. We’re starting with every post-apocalyptic survivor’s katana of choice and working our way back through the 47 Ronin sword as well as other highly known katana blades.

1. The Walking Dead Sword

At the top of the list is Michonne’s katana from The Walking Dead. A great show accompanied by a sleek and clean looking katana, this is the perfect blade for decapitating those unruly undead. Get yours here and get ready for the apocalypse!

Michonne's katana

2. 47 Ronin Sword

Custom craftsmanship from sword maker Paul Chen that even Keanu Reeves would be jealous of. The legendary story of 47 Ronin and their battle to avenge their master’s death HAD to make it in our top 5. There are multiple makers of the 47 Ronin sword, some with cheap quality and others such as this with superior quality. Here’s the working custom replica of the 47 Ronin sword.

47 ronin sword

3. Kill Bill Sword

From the bloody Kill Bill serious, this katana has been hand forged and is battle ready. This blade comes with a stand as well as oil and cleaning cloth. Whether you want it as a wall hanger or to use in class you can find yours here.

Kill Bill sword

4. The Matrix Sword

The katana wielded by the mighty Morpheus defies all known logic. Get ready to battle the Smiths and dodge bullets (ok ok so you can’t really dodge bullets) with your Matrix sword here.

Matrix sword

5. The Last Samurai Sword

Change your view of the world through the eyes of The Last Samurai. This blade features beautiful engravings and a sleek saya. One of Tom Cruise’s best performances accompanied by a stellar blade.

the last samurai sword

If there is another movie sword that you think deserves to be on this list let us know on Facebook! Check out our other Katana reviews for functional swords here.