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    Share what your two favorite katanas are and let the community draw comparisons on which they think is best and why!

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    Alexander Ligon

    I am a big fan of the Hanwei Kaeru katana. (I don’t own one…. yet.)
    Currently I have a Ryumon Dragonfly Kat (1095 TH),
    and a Hanbon custom wak (1095 DH), the wak i love.

    But I prefer a unokubi zukuri sword geometry, 5160 or 9260 spring steel, and haven’t yet found a smith who offers this standard. i may end up ordering one custom from north shire but id like to have someone try and differentially harden it as well. let me know if you have any thoughts on who could do this. my budgets tops out around 500$

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    Hmm the closest that comes to mind for me is the Paul Chen Raptor (here). But I’m not sure about it being deferentially hardened is the only thing and it’s about $150 over your budget. Paul Chen’s collections though are usually always very good quality (in my mind). Did you talk to the guys at Swords of Northshire to see if it’s something they could custom make for you?

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